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A space to delve into unique design proposals

As a way of giving back to our community, at RDN we seek to promote and sponsor emerging design and art proposals that contribute to support the creative environment in the vibrant metropolitan area of Guadalajara. We do this through holding exhibitions that showcase the unique talent in a space that brings an innovative form of expression to consumers.

Casa Sombra Opening


RDN invites you to the grand opening of:


A space for creative detonation.


A restored heritage home located in the neighborhood of Las 9 Esquinas, where artistic and design activities are carried out, in liaison with key agents of these areas. With intention of reactivating the area, we are building an ecosystem together with the neighborhood and cultural community that surrounds it.




Design Showroom by RDN

Integral Prototyping Workshop

Curator – Art Gallery

RDN Studio Furniture

MAD Studio – Furniture, Architecture and Design

Artistic Residences

Panoramic Terrace



Presentation in partnership with the program of activities 2018, inauguration of Curator – Art Gallery: Sofía Crimen – Coronel – María Rincón – Hiram Constantino – Bea Ortíz, and from the Showroom by RDN, exhibition of Clemente chairs and intervened by: Gabriela Tolentino, Irene García, Violeta Franco, Lucy Topete, Susana Casillas, Tamis Leal, Gaby Natera, Verónica Jiménez, Sayani Chocolate, Yuri Zartarin, José Luis Malo, Ýlvaro Cuevas, Rodo Padilla, Simón Cruz, Sergio Bustamante, Ignacio Guerrero, Gustavo Bustos, Balo Pulido, Juan Carlos Santoscoy, Marco Sosa, Folé, Eden Mir, Nino Magaña y Ricky Grana.

Guest Fashion Designer: Daniel Andrade.





Friday, August 10th, 2018

Opening: 20:00hrs / Closing: 00:00hrs.



Calle Nueva Galicia 1001, Nuevas 9 Esquinas

Colonia Centro. Guadalajara, Jalisco.