About RDN

We are a Mexican design studio that values beauty and functionality.

RDN is a Mexican furniture creator and manufacturer based in Guadalajara, Jalisco. More than 30 years of experience endorse the creativity and commitment with which we approach each project and individual pieces that we conceive for your spaces. We help you create an interior style based on your personality accompanied by a vision of sustainability, that, when fused together, creates outstandingly unique spaces.


There is no project too small or too large. We are committed to creating the exact superior quality furniture that individuals or architects are looking for. We specialize in furniture for homes, offices, lobbies, virtually any space within hotels, businesses, real estate developments and much more.

Our exquisite designer pieces are supported by responsible furniture manufacturing processes; we are not afraid to incorporate innovation in order to meet the expectations you have for your spaces.

Our professional design team is at your service to create that ideal piece of furniture that illuminates and entire room, and to create spaces with high aesthetic values that you will not be able to resist.


We create unique pieces of high aesthetic value to make your spaces a reflection of your personality. We choose a significant combination between different elements of nature and multiple material options that allow you reflect what you want for your spaces. Each piece of our custom furniture evokes feeling and possesses the functionality to make your life easier, adding a touch of beauty in every corner.


We design eclectic, useful and beautiful spaces that are meant to be lived with intensity. We create spaces that submerge inhabitants into their environment, with each aesthetic element undergoing a transformation while remaining functional and serving purpose. Our job is to renew, give life and create from scratch in order to manifest spaces with an authentic personality for your home or business, that launch the invitation to live according to your chosen lifestyle.

Interior Design

We combine the richness and aesthetics of different elements to create beautiful objects and spaces by themselves. We can make a reality of what you have in mind, taking advantage of the latest technologies in a responsible manner so that your furniture or spaces are exactly what you are looking for. Supported by avant-garde processes, we will create integral concepts that achieve what you’ve always dreamed of.


We seek to maximize what nature provides, including what others may see as waste, by incorporating it into our projects based on a concept we call RUFO – Urban Forest Recycling. We reuse material in our design projects to encourage responsible consumption while providing a natural touch, without deterring from providing alluringly stylish furniture.

Producing uniquely beautiful furniture in a responsible way is at the core of our company, but the ultimate goal is to create spaces that comfort the soul and immerse you or your clients into an evocative sensory experience.


Besides reusing natural materials, we also commit to planting one tree for every piece of furniture purchased from RDN.