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Rosa Morada
Dunas Aqua
Dunas Azul
Dunas Cereza
Dunas Grafito
Dunas Gris
Dunas Hueso
Dunas Lavanda
Dunas Lima
Dunas Lino
Dunas Malva
Dunas Manzana
Dunas Marino
Dunas Mazapan
Dunas Menta
Dunas Musgo
Dunas Nieve
Dunas Nube
Dunas Oro
Dunas Palo de Rosa
Dunas Piedra
Enigma Acero
Enigma Aluminio
Enigma Aqua
Enigma Beige
Enigma Cafe
Enigma Cereza
Enigma Gris
Enigma Lavanda
Enigma Malva
Enigma Marino
Enigma Menta
Enigma Mink
Enigma Musgo
Enigma Natural
Enigma Negro
Enigma Oro
Enigma Oxford
Enigma Palo de Rosa
Enigma Piedra
Enigma Rey
Enigma Rojo
Enigma Topo
Enigma Uva
Enigma Verde
Lineta Acero
Lineta Arena
Lineta Ebano
Lineta Gris
Lineta Lino
Lineta Malva
Lineta Marfil
Lineta Menta
Lineta Natural
Lineta Nutria
Lineta Oxford
Lineta Piedra
Lineta Topo
Milan Antracita
Milan Avellana
Milan Azul
Milan Beige
Milan Berenjena
Milan Cafe
Milan Cereza
Milan Chocolate
Milan Lavanda
Milan Lila
Milan Manzana
Milan Marron
Milan Mink
Milan Naranja
Milan Natural
Milan Piedra
Milan Rosa
Milan Turquesa
Tintoreto Acero
Tintoreto Arena
Tintoreto Azul
Tintoreto Beige
Tintoreto Blanco
Tintoreto Capuchino
Tintoreto Gris
Tintoreto Hueso
Tintoreto Nube
Tintoreto Oro
Tintoreto Oxford
Tintoreto Palo de Rosa
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Product Characteristics

A straightforward and modern wooden bench design that adds comfort and functionality to any space. Perfect as a bed foot bench, seating for a waiting area or lobby, or as a decorative addition to your home.

Width 130 cm
Height 45 cm
Material Solid wood and steel
Wood Parota, Tzalam, Rosa Morada, Nogal, Encino, Haya
Cloth Tintoreto, Lineta, Dunas, Enigma, Milan

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Free delivery in Guadalajara, the rest of the country requires an additional charge
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Warranty: 3 years for furniture / 1 year for electrical components and accessories